Our investment for a better and a greener future!

A greener future is what we strive for

Our commitment to sustainability has been at the core of JK Garments since its inception, and we are constantly evolving and improving our approach. In the heart of JK Garments' sustainability strategy, is striving to find new ways of growing and improving quality of life without using up more resources.

  • Rooftop Solar PV Power Plants - Minimizing Carbon Footprint
  • 100% of the waste water is treated and reused
  • Raw material waste is reused or recycled (fabric waste, paper waste, polyester/polythene)

We exist to make the world greener, for a better tomorrow

From constructing wastewater treatment plants to practicing sustainable apparel recycling and reusing, we have excelled in maintaining low levels of carbon footprint and preserving the planet for generations yet to come.

Solar plant at the roof

CO2 saving daily

Daily usage from solar
Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment

We are equipped with wastewater treatment facilities that treats wastewater.

Apparel recycling & reusing
Apparel recycling & reusing

The goal is to prevent by all means discarded apparel products from ending up in a landfill.

Our Sustainability work
Solar PV Power Plants and Carbon Footprint

With a vision of converting our production processes to be environmentally sustainable, JK Garments is in the process of utilizing the roof tops of our factory buildings to install Solar PV Power Plants.

We have successfully commissioned a total of 1MW solar PV power plants at the roof tops of our main manufacturing facilities and obtaining a daily CO2 saving up to 2700kg.

The energy generated from the solar power plant is directly given to the National Grid which approximately accounts to 65-75% of our daily energy usage.

Wastewater Treatment

Water is an essential natural resource. Instead of wasting wastewater, we need to reduce and reuse it whenever possible, to help preserve it.

Both factories at JK Garments are equipped with wastewater treatment facilities, in which wastewater from its operations is treated before it is discharged to make it environmentally safe.

JK Garments continuously aims to achieve water efficiency across its operations and reduce all types of waste as much as it can.

Apparel recycling & reusing

JK Garments go beyond the process of creation of apparel and are involved even in the management of used and discarded apparel products.

In our commitment to the environment it is now considered a priority to move towards the correct management of apparel that have reached the end of their life cycle. The goal is to provide an adequate closure to their life cycle with a strategy that promotes apparel recycling.

The goal is to prevent by all means discarded apparel products from ending up in a landfill.